Happy Japan

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Happy Japan has been going through some great new changes!!!! We recently updated our logo thanks to our friend and fantastic artist Ryan Zanfei. And in mid-July we will be opening a honest to goodness storefront in East Nashville! We will send out a formal announcement to people signed up to our mailing list as we lock down an opening date. So if you haven't done so already head over to www.happyjapan.net and sign up!

Thank you all for helping make this possible!

Happy Japan


Koneko_Panda said...

YAAAY! now you need to come to Michigan and PA ^^

DG Strong said...

Girrrrrl! DG and Meg are excited to come up in there and get our Japan on! We saw the storefront earlier this week and in unison said I BET THAT'S LAURA! And ha ha, it was. Ginormous Congratulations. Now tell us more about these snacks.....