Happy Japan

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Why do people have to steal?

At Otakon someone stole my Blackberry out of the women's bathroom of the dealer's room. Boo. If anyone can aid in its return, there will be a goodie reward in store!

On a more positive note, THANK YOU!!!! to all of the people that stopped by our booth at Otakon!! We had a wonderful time and felt very welcomed by everyone! We are so excited that our website is almost ready! Please stand by for a huge selection of goodies to come! ^__^


Taylor Fischer said...
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Taylor Fischer said...

Oops, goofed up that comment,

but any who, thats really sad, I have no idea why people do that kind of crap.

I was at your shop during the con, and I took a photo of the whole booth. If you want that photo I could give you a link to it!

awesome store, I really like your prices and your items!

good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey were you the dealer at otakon with all the great bento boxes? I've been searching for that dealer for a while now, hoping there was a website or something because I loved the products!

Laura Caughron Myers said...

Thanks for shopping from us at Otakon! @Taylor Fisher we would love to have a link to the pictures you took of our booth for our website. The site should be up soon. P.S. Your artwork is awesome.


Laura Caughron Myers said...


We were that dealer with all the cool bento items at Otakon. Thank you for your support! Be sure and sign up for our mailing list so you will know when our store goes live.